July 21, 2010

Bowlminators still need help!

While you drink Monster energydrinks in skateshops, they are still building!
Every support is still needed. Concrete is still needed. Good mood is still needed. Your hand is still needed.
If there is still some true diajvaj beliver out there, you know what to do!
Boldriders did also this handmade stickers and buttons, so check it out. By buying them, every penny goes for material needed to build this bowl!
1 bedge + 3 stickers = 3€ (= 25kg concrete bag)
single bedge = 1,5€
single sticker = 1,5€
...contact them!!

You can buy Boldrider stickers, buttons and stuff (BeliSladoled catalog and Profil Lobanje zine) also in Pekmez Gallery.