December 19, 2010

Tvojanedelja gallery opening report

After quite long time planing we finaly made it! Tvojanedelja gallery, a part of Tadej Vaukman`s Moving Art Space project, became alive.. This time we set gallery in an abandon bycicle factory in Ljubljana and I have to say it turned out just like I planed. And ofcourse, without friends help all this probably couldn`t came true.
This time it was all about skateboarding. I wanted to show people how IMPORTANT is that we don`t give-in in all this fancy šmensi skateboarding scene and how IMPORTANT is that we keep on doing things we belive in! My friend told me he thinks it˙s kind of a "close circle thing" all this we did and all I gotta say is that THIS IS A GOOD THING! Probably the best way to present what we belive in was setting up a "d.i.y. skate-zines and books" artshow. So, we invited Sergej Vutuc along with his PlemPlem store to introduce us his new book. PlemPlem corner
Boldrider/R.O.W. corner

...and now some photos from da opening; if you recognise your face on the photo, write me an e-mail and you`ll get a cool "Tvojanedelja surprise" package!

...some special guests came too:
jasson jessee (click)

patrick swayze (click)

I`m already planing a new show, stay tuned for more! And yes... Tvojanedelja Gallery already moved/closed. So, if you missed this opening, you`ll have to wait for a new show and location. -tadej vaukman