December 21, 2010

Zines, zines, zines!!

Tvojanedelja Distro:
-Von wo mir wichtig ist (Sergej Vutuc/Herr Schulze): 3 euros
-PlemPlem #3 (various artists): 3 euros
-Flying Drawing zine (Sergej Vutuc): 5 euros
-Collectif Brusk: 5 euros
-Bright your bowl (Sergej Vutuc): 3 euros
-PlemPlem #1 (various artists): 3 euros
-On your own risk (skate apartment Heilbronn story): 3 euros
-Unwritten stories (Sergej Vutuc): 3 euros
-Black cross zine (Sergej Vutuc): 3 euros
-Praha zine (Sergej Vutuc): 3 euros
-Sorry, it`s not about me (Sergej Vutuc): 7 euros
-Masquerade (Aorta): 3 euros
-Anti Social (Tadej Vaukman): 3 euros
-Pure Fun (Tadej Vaukman): 3 euros
-MiniKino (Tadej Vaukman): 3 euros
-Boldrider #1: 3 euros
-Sladko se mi jebe #1, #2, #3 (Mitja Gostenčnik): 2 euros

-Confusion #1 (d.i.y. skate magazine): 4 euros

Tvojanedelja "reading corner" is also getting bigger, so check it out. Not for sale, but you can stop by for a coffe or tea at my place and we can chatrly chat:
-Boldrider #1
-Boldrider #2
-Boldrider #3 (celebrating the 30th anniversary)
-Boldrider #4 (bussines issue)
-Why so serious (sezion copymachin Motovun `09)
-Nešto Ništa Što (Sergej Vutuc)
-Confusion #1
-Masquerade (Aorta)
-Liquify (Aorta
-Skateboarding is about having fun (Rok Kupljen)
-This is our full circle (Collectif Brusk/Ian Dykmans)
-All my friends are sk8ers (LeLe)
-Pure Fun (Tadej Vaukman)
-It`s time to move on (LeLe)
-Anti Social (Tadej Vaukman)
-My MSN drawings (LeLe)
-PlemPlem #1
-PlemPlem #3
-Profil Lobanje (LeLe/Jaka V.)
-Praha Zine (Sergej Vutuc)
-Exhibition at Split (Sergej Vutuc)
-Yeah #1 (Tadej Vaukman)
-Yeah #2 (friends issue, Tadej Vaukman)
-Komi #2 (Vixen, Ouca)
-Komi #3 (Vixen, Ouca)
-Black cross zine (Sergej Vutuc)
-TeenTrash (nyc issue, Ale Formenti)

New in Tvojanedelja "reading corner":
-Versus skate zine (d.i.y. skate zine, 4 issues)
-Somebody must alway cray (Sergej Vutuc)
-10`o clock drawings (LeLe)

The "Best Surprize" zine:
-Ramp Plans (Trasher `00, a present from Tipče)
While you cry, we make zines.
Till then, enjoy!