January 6, 2011

LeLe`s and Tadej Vaukman`s "Tooth Pain Trip" (2010)

While I was looking for some of my sketches today I ran into this --> Lele`s and mine drawings from Rijeka "tooth pain tour". Rijeka streetzine crew invited us for a drawing session on the street last summer, realy cool spot! Sun, some beer, nice company and one drunk punx, ouu jeah and our toothache. We both got fucked up pretty bad couse of the pain, especialy Lele. But anyway, here are some of the drawings/sketches from the session.

That suppouse to be my part on the wall, but it turned out totaly different. I like this one better.

Lele`s Californiacation.

We did this while we were chillin` at the fountain in the center of Rijeka.

Again, Lele`s California love stuff. It turned out aaalmost like this.

Next trip: Germany "I hope no pain tour", March 2011