February 18, 2011

"Angels are full of shit", Tadej Vaukman`s expo at PlemPlem (Heilbronn, Germany)

Sergej Vutuc is putting up a show for me at PlemPlem, this time I go solo with some of my photos from the upcoming book. Do I have something more to say? Yes!! Angels are full of shit!

For some more infos and for checking what`s up in Heilbronn on 18.3., click HERE!!

"...its look like balkan night, first Tvojanedelja – Tadej Vaukman Exhibition at Tragfläche 7,28m² then in Mobilat would play Analena and Criple & Casino… and in same time our main artist LeLe would set exhibition/installation at U-Bar, Sch. Hall
..." -Sergej Vutuc