February 10, 2011

Tvojanedelja Clothing?

It`s been a while since we`ve first announced that we`ll start making our own clothes, but we never made it. But times are changing. The more we see how much Slovenian "skate scene" sucks, the more we wanna isolate our selfes from it. So, the first step was when we`ve started to build our own ramps, then R.O.W. skateboards was found and now it`s time to get dressed by ourselfes. It`s a long way till being totaly independent but fuck man, if you don`t try you`ll never feel this beautiful feeling. The do it yourselfe feeling. Like I said, times are changing and it`s still a long way and we`ve decided to go slow. SUPPORT TRUE SKATESHOPS/SKATE COMPANIES AND SAY A BIG FUCK OFF TO THOOSE, WHO ARE STEALING YOUR MONEY!!! Stay tuned for more Tvojanedelja Clothes info...there will be a website soon and many more products.

hand-made logo on the "Tvojanedelja Redneck Jacket"...

... and hand-made logo on the "Tvojanedelja Redneck Shirt"