February 28, 2011


Tvojanedelja "redneck jacket"; perfect for 6:30 a.m. cruizing on your way back home from punk/rock party or just to wear it shirtless at home... price: 25 euros

Tvojanedelja "redneck shirt no.1"; perfect for I don`t know what... price: 15 euros

Tvojanedelja "redneck shirt no.2"; perfect for holding your friends photo from his "kids days" or to go on a tour with your kuffer on your shoulder... price: 15 euros

Tvojanedelja "redneck shirt no.3"; perfect when you wanna fuck a swan... price: 15 euros

So, here are some photos of new Tvojanedelja "redneck series" shirts and jacket. My model was very short on time, that`s why you`ll see him wearing other shirts some other time. Maybe tomorrow? No, not tomorrow. Some other time, ok. Yeah, like I said, some other colors of shirts are still available. I didn`t actualy say that, but they are available. That`s it for now. Oh yeah, shirts will be available somewhere in mid of March in PlemPlem store in Heilbronn, Germany. You can try them out there or at my "office" in Dravograd, Slovenia. Should be fun, you trying out shirts at my "office", while I`m staring at you.

contact/order: spuhlja@gmail.com