March 26, 2011

"Angels are full of shit" report

Yeah, we`re back from Germoney. Here is a short report of the "Angels are full of shit" show setup at PlemPlem. Right now I`m thinking what to write more, but there are too many things which happened. I made some new friends, this I think is the most important thing. And I made this crazy shooting with some strange people later that night, shit. Ok. Serious start...
That`s my meneđer calculating how much money I`ll get from this show. I think it was around 6.500 euros.. thanks, PlemPlem!
The "artist" and "curator" theirselfes.
Not mine.
If you missed the opening, there is still a chance to see the show. After this one, PlemPlem is moving to a new location... and the "angels are full of shit" photos are moving along! Check the link below for more details.