March 9, 2011

"HEILBRONX", here we cum!!

Few more days and we`re off to Heilbronn, Germany. I have a show on 18.3. at PlemPlem Kaufraum, so if you`ll have a chance to stop by, just do it! Maybe I`ll buy some beer... Ok, here are some random mobile shoots from the last trip aus Heilbronn. We`re off now!
T3 transporter paradise (schrott platz)
T3 badass Recaro seats (schrott platz)
T3 transporter himselfe (schrott platz)
a drawing I did at Sergej`s and Anika`s
streetstylin with da Heibronx whip
the coolest kid in town
"grind family" by LeLe
LeLe and Aorta planing some stuff for their show/instalaton
our home... Anika`s and Sergej`s place... thanks again!