April 16, 2011


It happened to me now many times that people who I didn`t see for a long time asked me, what happened to me, why am I not in Maribor anymore, what went wrong with the Pekmez Gallery, am I planing to move to Ljubljana cause there`s so much going on and questions like that.. But I just don`t have the "right" answer for them. What I feel now I didn`t feel for a long time. Probably the best thing for me in 2010 was that I left Maribor, now I see I was wasting my energy on things I didn`t belive in. I blame noone. Actually, it was my fault cause I didn`t see this before and I have to say I was kinda angry with my selfe when I came back from Maribor to Dravograd. "I`ve missed so many good things..!!" That`s what was going on in my head. But I`m back now. Not for good, but I`m back for now. I love my friends, I fell in love with the best girl, I didn`t like waking up in Dravograd for a long time, but now I do, we do the best things, which some of you will never understand, we are still "the haters" and we still love pizza. So, am I moving to Ljubljana? No. What`s up with the Pekmez Gallery now? I don`t care, I`m from a different planet, I guess. Do I miss parties with students? Hell no. I hope you have this feeling to, where ever you are, you know what I mean. We don`t need much to feel ok. But you probably already know that. Do you?
all these photos were taken in Dravograd
photos: tadej vaukman