April 6, 2011

"Friends taking photos with my camera"

Lele took this one while I was jamming in ex Sergej`s and Anika`s living room. This one brought up some nice and some shitty memories now. Brings me back, way back when I was a kid...

This one is also taken by Lele. I still remember that day like it was yesterday.. Sergej gave us some "work" to do during our staying in Heilbronn, we were preparing some comercial boards and later that night we suppoused to go to the city and put them all over Heilbronn, but we never did it. Oh yeah, I guess I was just acting stupid on this one.

Do you know these photos from graffiti artists when they are "representing" infront of camera and hidding their faces but ofcourse everyone knows who they are even they are "undercover"? This one I dedicated to you, gangstaz! Photo: Lele

Aorta took this one. Sergej, me and Lele infront of an oldschool caffe.

All these photos were taken in Heilbronn by my friends with my camera.