April 5, 2011

People are nasty.

I got some old frames at the local photo studio and look what I got gratis! Nasty fake shit photos of kids doing fake stuff... Couple of times I already had this conversation with my friends, how fucking stupid some parents are and that they actualy think this what you see below is cool. You know, those parents talking all the time "look at my kid, she or he just kicked a ball, iiiiii" and shit like that.. I mean, I know you love your kids and so on, but please don`t act like you gone crazy! Take it easy, you know. Ok, yeah.. so I`ve been thinking about these photos and I tried to be resonable and I chilled a little bit in the meanwhile I was checking them and guess what, I still think the photos are fucking retardet and nasty. I mean, what`s that pose she is doing it? What`s the point of all this stuff I wrotte? People are nasty. And yes, my parents were nasty too, the third photo is me, 7 years old and looking fresh.