April 18, 2011

"I love the whole chaos"

Few days ago I got 24 rolls of negatives back from the studio and now I`m going thru this shit every day over and over again. I remember, when I came back home from Heilbronn, I told my friends, "fuck, I did so many good shoots when I was wasted" and this time I gotta say I went over the edge.. I remebember I had this idea to make a shoot in Mobilat Club with people who I thouhgt they were fucked up, funny, different or just interesting to me, so I found a wall, asked them to stand by the wall and just do stuff, like telling me to fuck off or sending me kisses or whatever. Some fucked up photos came out, man! For example, photos of an empty wall! But you know what? It was a great night, I always love it when people like to "play" with me, I like when people do stuff for me infront of my camera. What does this tell you about me? I don`t know. I don`t care. What I was trying to say? I don`t know anymore. I love the whole chaos infront of the camera, I love the thruth, I love simplicity and stupidity and I love beer. Who knows, maybe tomorrow I`ll aks you if you would love to jerk off a baseball bat or a dildo infront of me, I don`t know. I wanna see so many stuff, but I can`t see it anywhere. Things are getting boring for me. I have to spice up this shit. I wanna see people cry, I wanna see people being what they fucking are, I wanna see you when you are angry and happy. And I wanna make you feel good.

the photo: me holding a St. Pauli guy in Mobilat Club (Heilbronn, Germany), photo taken by a bartender with my camera