October 13, 2011

"Cats of America" zine

Fuck, we`re back from Spain tour and we`re back at Tvojanedelja "office"...so, it`s time to do some reckless shit again, but this time it`s time for some serious shit, shit yeah! My friend Tino from Germoney, the biggest cat lover, singer from Civil Victim and co-founder of Screwed Hardware, asked me if I`m interested to publish a zine with photos of him and all the cats he met on Civil Victim tour, when they were lurking in the States. I needed half a second to think about it and fuck yeah ofcourse I wanna do that, I said!! I wouldn`t be doing that if I thought it`s a bad idea, but shit no, I can`t wait the zine is finished!! This time dogs can suck it, couse street cats are taking over!! Aaarghhh!!!! Miiiijaaww!!!Soon!!