December 11, 2012

"Young studs banging plastic vaginas?"

Some of you asked me, how and what am i doing lately and why i didn`t post so many posts, well, i guess i just had enough of computer work and i needed a brake, although i was still posting lots of shit from my phone on facebook account, yeah, i`ll be lurking till death probably. I moved back to Dravograd where "winter mode" just started for me. Besides eating pizzas and gaining power for spring, i will spend lots of time framing some old, but mostly new photos - this is an older photo i snaped, Carhartt filmer Phil Evans dancing the night away. Anyway, where was i? Ok, yes... there are lots of plans for next year, mostly moving around, going on tours, just taking snaps and slowly working on my book (or let`s say, the biggest "zine" i ever did), which theme is still not so clear, but i`m getting there step by step. Right now i started to work on the last zine i will release this year, it`s gonna be like some kind of a "EVER show`s closing zine", plus a bit more. So, see you soon, ha? Hope you`re all good! Did someone mentioned young studs banging plastic vaginas?