April 11, 2014


"What would you do if you`d have only one breakfast left? Would you call your father? Or jump in the ocean? Would your eggs still taste the same? What about some changes? Eat it up. This is your breakfast, don`t waste it."

January 16, 2014

R.O.W. / PIG POWER (Spain/Portugal) Tour

I`m out of here. The R.O.W. skateboards and PIG POWER Spain/Portugal roadtrip is on, coming back home in April. I`ll be posting some tour shit at @tadejvaukman and #rowpigtrip (instagram). Enjoy and get some!


December 19, 2013

Routine kills our voice

Is the routine killing us, killing our voice? This voice that we have in our head is so important we can`t even imagine. We should hear it everytime! Even when you`re touching your balls or shaving your vagina. The voice is important. What was the last thing your voice asked you? What did you answer?