June 26, 2010

LeLe in Pekmez Gallery!

Come to opening and shredd with LeLe!!
...at Pekmez Gallery on 1.7. at 19h!!

June 22, 2010

Emily goes Seitan

Emily called me today and she said: "Tada, I have to erase my blogspot site, couse there`s no internet conection in Hell..."

June 21, 2010


Are you into fashion? Cats? Mustages? ...maybe house interior?

Trick tip this, šminkerji!!

Talja (50-50 flumaster to fakie)

photo: tadej vaukman

Tvojanedelja Njuwsleter #1

Here it is, a first issue of Tvojanedelja njuwsleter! Read fresh stuff about Pekmez Gallery`s upcoming exhibitions and more...
A5, b&w photocopied, cut`n`paste, 10 pages!
Writte me if you want a copy or come to Pekmez Gallery to pick it up!
...more photos of Njuwsleter HERE!

Pekmez gallery update

What`s up next, what`s new?

June 17, 2010

Skate to forget

photos: tadej vaukman

Heavy metal

Konan (croocked blind Mary)

photo: tadej vaukman

June 15, 2010

Tvojanedelja "clothing"

Tvojanedelja boss and his top main model Kupa shooting "pay no more than 5 euro for Tvojanedelja t-shirt" comercial.

Most important thing is that model is flexible. He has no fear shooting on the top of the roof!

Like the title of this post says, we started doing Tvojanedelja clothes. Hand painted t-shirts, second-hand too big sweathers painted stupid and so on... I`ll put up some photos when Kupa finishes photoshooting for Nike skateboarding, couse I need his young body to put clothes on.

June 8, 2010


Kupa (cruizin` da street)

photo: tadej vaukman

June 7, 2010

Hangin` at Pekmez gallery

So, Pekmez is finaly alive! ... hangin`, chillin, good or bad music, strange people passing by on the sidewalk, šminkers bippin` and shouting out of the car, Ukrain girls commin` out of the building next to us and if you are lucky you`ll smell some fresh bread! ... All this at Pekmez Gallery, morš mislit...
CLICK for more photos.

June 3, 2010

Street skateboarding definition

Skejter: "a ti furaš bolj rampe pa to?"
R.O.W.: "ma ne, pač skejtam pa to..."
Skejter: "ja, kako to? ..mislim, ka bolj furaš. Rampe al street?"
R.O.W.: "rampe."
Skejter: "ja no, potem ne furaš veliko streeta a?"
R.O.W.: "odvnisno, kaj je za tebe street..."
Skejter: "ja street, kao...tk veš, street..."
R.O.W.: "a to, ko se prpeleš z avtonom na skejtpark pa skejtaš "street spote" na skejtparku?"
Skejter: "to, to!"

photo: tadej vaukman

R.O.W. invasion

Talja (fs evil look)
Kupa (50-50 akrobat)

Kupa (anti-taljent style 50-50)

photos: tadej vaukman

June 2, 2010

R.O.W. skateboarding team working hard

Kupa (bigass ollie), Talja (shooting in da back with her slr)
Last couple of days were realy hard for R.O.W. team, skaters were rippin` streets of Maribor and photographers prooved again that they are professionals! ...more to come!

photo and special effects: tadej vaukman


Deso is buildin` minica!
... and yes, I miss you to!

June 1, 2010

Street stylin`...

...in Beograd with Andrija. Fun?
photo: tadej vaukman