August 26, 2010

Pumpa weekend

....this weekend! The only thing that matters!!
photo: tadej vaukman

August 25, 2010


Sweet, inocent, sometimes minimal, but always "there".
All photos by Kati Kesherović
CLICK to see her flicker.

August 17, 2010

Tomaž Šantl took this one at LeLe`s exhibition opening in Pekmez Gallery back in July.
Fun opening, cool people, great after chillin` in Čajna Shop... stay tuned on Pekmez Blog for upcoming expos and other stuff! ... and you are friendly invited to check out PekmezMed`s and NinjaTiger`s exhibiton which is currently set in Pekmez (till 10th September).

August 16, 2010

PLEM PLEM zinčič nr. 3

...also on Boldrider distro or get in touch with Sergej Vutuc. Check also PlemPlem site for more zines!

BOLDRIDER zine distro

CLICK for more info, this is just a teaser!!

August 12, 2010

The Garsoniers

Bands are forming, tours are planing, road is waiting. Soon, sooon!!!!!

August 10, 2010


We are so buisy at Pekmez Gallery we don`t even have time to clean da dishes, jiieah jiiiah!!!!
Or maybe guy from Space just put something into caffe.. I don`t know.

August 8, 2010

R.O.W. weekend

photo: tadej vaukman

August 5, 2010

NinjaTiger`s and PekmezMed`s group expo opening in Pekmez Gallery


Luškan 2

"Luškan" zine out soon!! If you won`t be nice to me, your face will be on the cover!!

BP with LeLE

photo: tadej vaukman

August 4, 2010


This is for Tino!

...but I think we still got some time!

Yama supports Boldriders

Still, when you are drinkin` your Monster energy drinks in fancy skateshops, someone is doing something usefull... Yama skate crew or lets just say Yama boys are also helping Boldriders to build skate paradize in Postojna! With making ekstra badges and stickers and putting them into cool package, they maybe want to remind you that Boldies still need help! Concrete, ouu dear conrete!! CLICK to see Yama boys in action... And CLICK to see Yama boys in action (pt.2)
D.I.Y. OR C.R.Y!!!

"Who do you love today?"

August 3, 2010

Emily Wareeoo is back...

... from Australia. With a lovely note.

This time she`ll stay in Slovenia for a while, she said, couse there are so many cute tall boys:*

August 2, 2010

Tadej Vaukman`s updated website

My inženirs finaly updated my website, if I would have to wait one more day I would do it myselfe!