September 19, 2010

Julka on Beli Sladoled

"Hm, ta Beli je pa kr kul!" ...

September 18, 2010



September 16, 2010


I`m so fucking happy to announce that I`m off to Heilbronn (Germany) in few days! It`s gonna be all about friendship, skateboarding, our way of art, eating in Lidl, making zines and watching LeLe sleeping on the train!! Sergej, here we come!!! ...ouu yeah, cheers!!!

September 14, 2010


Probably, if one day I`ll become an old man and my memory will still function ok and you will aks me if there is a place in my heart (SCOTT BOURNE is everywhere) where I keep all this amazing moments... I would say: " you remember Pumpa?"

I took this one on the first day of the official bowl riding.
It`s not so serious as it sounds, this official stuff.


There is an exhibition opening on 25th September in LA PERLA TATTOO PARLOR (Brussels), it`s gonna be all about photos of skate tattoos on skin. Some of our R.O.W. tattoos will take a part of it also.. So, if you`ll be somewhere on the road and maybe close to Brussels, you know where to go!

September 13, 2010


I got Confusion magazine couple of weeks ago and if you`re into bowl ripping and ramp shreddin` stuff, then it`s a must for you! Get it now! Where? Ask Boldriders or PlemPlem OR just write to!

" could exist D.I.Y. scene with without trading and supporting each other. Confusion Magazine support T-Shirt. You know more you support those stuff less ADDs in Magazine..." -PlemPlem words

Now it`s up to you!
6-zylinder, 150 horse power Bmw 520i (Belgrade)
photo: tadej vaukman

September 7, 2010


No posts lately, I kinda avoid computers last two weeks. But here is a serious computer design anyway-RampsRamps.

check also Boldrider and see what can you achieve, when you are "serious". Bowl is finished!
RESPECT, BROS! ... AAAND click here to see how to build vert ramp, you dummy!