November 27, 2010

"The indicator" (Tadej Vaukman, A4/mixed)

November 26, 2010

Deep in woods

Deep in woods, where angels have never been before, fox and wolf made a pact.

photo: tadej vaukman

November 23, 2010


"I`ll be always watching what you do, buahahah!!!" ...I`m in such a great mood lately, I guess I found my drive again. So I`m putting some photos up here which helped me to remember many times how fucking lucky we are. This goes out to all the fuckers who are always complaining and crying how fucked up everything is.

photos: tadej vaukman

November 22, 2010


Here are some photos I took when I was visiting Sergej in Heilbronn. Special place. Especialy for someone who loves old Beemers.

photo: tadej vaukman

November 16, 2010


November 15, 2010

Angels cry first - the book

Since winter is almost here and that means nights are getting longer and longer for me, I started to work on a new book. Everything is clear now for me, I just have to do this. If not, bad forces from the woods will come out and eat my brain. For now I`ll keep it low like the wolfs from Hell.


Somewhere near Stuttgart another magic happend.



After a "hard-working" weekend we took a break and went to see Konan, kiddle with a cat, drink light beer... + fourth R.O.W. brother Uroš Kovač included (somewhere in the back of Micrica)

photo: tadej vaukman

November 10, 2010

Pizza Wall

This is the famous pizza wall from MiniKino and Kupa doing the "pizza tap". So many eaten pizzas you can`t even imagine!

photo: tadej vaukman

November 9, 2010

"PURE FUN", zine by Tadej Vaukman

A4 hand made cut`n`paste stlye, 4 pages.
Get it now if you like it nasty.
Price: 2 euros

Relationships (It`s time to move on era)

I took this one in early 2002, I still remember that day like it was yesterday. It was just few months after I got a driving license. We ate pommes later that night. It was a time when Danijela and I were quite fresh in love and those days I spend with her back then were all I needed. I loved her so much. And today I think I can say some things just stay forever. We`ll always look back on something, I guess we just do that. It can be a good reminder not to go wrong again or not to hurt person you love/loved.

If you wanna learn something more about relationships, then you have to get LeLe`s new zine! Click HERE!

photo: tadej vaukman

November 8, 2010

Tvojanedelja Galerija

Here is a photo of the place where all will happen, just to tease you a little bit. There is still quite a lot of work till opening, but I`m glad couse the concept of the gallery is getting clearer and clearer. Minimal, straight to the point and no bullshit. Soon in December 2010!!

Kupa builds it higher...

... with Boldrider pool copings on one side!!

Another paradise

I got lovely email from my budd Tino Civil Victim motherfucker aus Konstanz and he posted me this photo. I guess another paradise is in the making!
Location: Moons (14km from Konstanz, Germoney)

I miss you, bross!!! Soon!!!

November 7, 2010

MiniKino gig (13.11.)

For more details click on da phlayer.
No posers, no Gods, no nazi shit!

November 1, 2010

I`m leaving Pekmez Gallery

tadej vaukman at basementizid gallery in heilbronn, 2010 (probably the indicator that some things have to change and it`s time to move on) ... photo was shoot by lele or aorta with tadej`s camera

Feelings aren`t the same anymore. They`ve changed. You and me aren`t ok anymore. We`ve changed. Things aren`t gonna be the same anymore, couse we`re changing. Fall 2010, I`ll call you "new era".