March 30, 2011

When gangs like eachother

We got a visit from Ferit, all I can say I got my faith in people back. This one goes to all you "cryshitbabies", complaining, that you got not as many cheese on your pizza than last time you`ve order it.
Yama gang member meets R.O.W. bastards.
Two-days tatt sesion at Mico`s; Ferit getting Deso`s drawing and R.O.W. gang tattoo.
Fucked up kid. (CLICK)

March 26, 2011

"Angels are full of shit" report

Yeah, we`re back from Germoney. Here is a short report of the "Angels are full of shit" show setup at PlemPlem. Right now I`m thinking what to write more, but there are too many things which happened. I made some new friends, this I think is the most important thing. And I made this crazy shooting with some strange people later that night, shit. Ok. Serious start...
That`s my meneđer calculating how much money I`ll get from this show. I think it was around 6.500 euros.. thanks, PlemPlem!
The "artist" and "curator" theirselfes.
Not mine.
If you missed the opening, there is still a chance to see the show. After this one, PlemPlem is moving to a new location... and the "angels are full of shit" photos are moving along! Check the link below for more details.

March 25, 2011

Tvojanedelja "DROP OUT OF SCHOOL, KIDS!" graphics

We started painting on old boards, the "Drop out of school, kids!" graphics. Send us your old or new board, pay us 20 euros and then give this piece of shit to your kid and tell him/her to put it on the wall just next to his table where he does his/her homework!

painting by tadej vaukman

March 9, 2011

"HEILBRONX", here we cum!!

Few more days and we`re off to Heilbronn, Germany. I have a show on 18.3. at PlemPlem Kaufraum, so if you`ll have a chance to stop by, just do it! Maybe I`ll buy some beer... Ok, here are some random mobile shoots from the last trip aus Heilbronn. We`re off now!
T3 transporter paradise (schrott platz)
T3 badass Recaro seats (schrott platz)
T3 transporter himselfe (schrott platz)
a drawing I did at Sergej`s and Anika`s
streetstylin with da Heibronx whip
the coolest kid in town
"grind family" by LeLe
LeLe and Aorta planing some stuff for their show/instalaton
our home... Anika`s and Sergej`s place... thanks again!

March 1, 2011

Welcome to Mičo`s world!

Sorry, if I made someone cry with this post.

All drawings by Mičo (R.O.W. skateboards)