April 27, 2011

Holy Jesus fucks Satan

April 21, 2011

I`ll do anything for sport

I was at this party couple of weeks ago and I passed out.. I remember I found some anal lubricant stuff next to my head and then probably this photo came out.

photo: tadej vaukman

April 19, 2011

R.O.W. gang tattoos

Ferit getting pretty and ready.
Ferit getting inked by Deso

I took those photos at another R.O.W. gang tattoo session, this time it was Ferit`s turn. Lovely moments with nasty smell of skate shoes all over the studio.

photo: tadej vaukman

April 18, 2011

"I love the whole chaos"

Few days ago I got 24 rolls of negatives back from the studio and now I`m going thru this shit every day over and over again. I remember, when I came back home from Heilbronn, I told my friends, "fuck, I did so many good shoots when I was wasted" and this time I gotta say I went over the edge.. I remebember I had this idea to make a shoot in Mobilat Club with people who I thouhgt they were fucked up, funny, different or just interesting to me, so I found a wall, asked them to stand by the wall and just do stuff, like telling me to fuck off or sending me kisses or whatever. Some fucked up photos came out, man! For example, photos of an empty wall! But you know what? It was a great night, I always love it when people like to "play" with me, I like when people do stuff for me infront of my camera. What does this tell you about me? I don`t know. I don`t care. What I was trying to say? I don`t know anymore. I love the whole chaos infront of the camera, I love the thruth, I love simplicity and stupidity and I love beer. Who knows, maybe tomorrow I`ll aks you if you would love to jerk off a baseball bat or a dildo infront of me, I don`t know. I wanna see so many stuff, but I can`t see it anywhere. Things are getting boring for me. I have to spice up this shit. I wanna see people cry, I wanna see people being what they fucking are, I wanna see you when you are angry and happy. And I wanna make you feel good.

the photo: me holding a St. Pauli guy in Mobilat Club (Heilbronn, Germany), photo taken by a bartender with my camera

PlemPlem house opening (video)

If you missed the opening of the new PlemPlem house in Heilbronn, here you have a short video.
Click HERE if you wanna see the whole review!
video: Jonathan Hay (Confusion magazine)

April 16, 2011


It happened to me now many times that people who I didn`t see for a long time asked me, what happened to me, why am I not in Maribor anymore, what went wrong with the Pekmez Gallery, am I planing to move to Ljubljana cause there`s so much going on and questions like that.. But I just don`t have the "right" answer for them. What I feel now I didn`t feel for a long time. Probably the best thing for me in 2010 was that I left Maribor, now I see I was wasting my energy on things I didn`t belive in. I blame noone. Actually, it was my fault cause I didn`t see this before and I have to say I was kinda angry with my selfe when I came back from Maribor to Dravograd. "I`ve missed so many good things..!!" That`s what was going on in my head. But I`m back now. Not for good, but I`m back for now. I love my friends, I fell in love with the best girl, I didn`t like waking up in Dravograd for a long time, but now I do, we do the best things, which some of you will never understand, we are still "the haters" and we still love pizza. So, am I moving to Ljubljana? No. What`s up with the Pekmez Gallery now? I don`t care, I`m from a different planet, I guess. Do I miss parties with students? Hell no. I hope you have this feeling to, where ever you are, you know what I mean. We don`t need much to feel ok. But you probably already know that. Do you?
all these photos were taken in Dravograd
photos: tadej vaukman

April 15, 2011

Will they bake pizza together?

It was my birthday party at MiniKino couple of weeks ago and some sweet love grew that day. I hope so...

photo: tadej vaukman

BAD TEETH magazine

"I`m starting a BAD TEETH magazine, a magazine where you will find a photo of your girlfriend`s cock, a magazine where you`ll find a text how to not have a good sex, a magazine where you will learn how not to be cool, a magazine where you will find a photo of your brother sucking a pony and we`ll cover fashion too, ofcourse. Why? Cause there is no magazine that could make me hot and I just wanna see shit like that. Let the journey begin." - tadej vaukman

photos: tadej vaukman

April 11, 2011

The saga goes on..

I don`t get it.

April 6, 2011

"Friends taking photos with my camera"

Lele took this one while I was jamming in ex Sergej`s and Anika`s living room. This one brought up some nice and some shitty memories now. Brings me back, way back when I was a kid...

This one is also taken by Lele. I still remember that day like it was yesterday.. Sergej gave us some "work" to do during our staying in Heilbronn, we were preparing some comercial boards and later that night we suppoused to go to the city and put them all over Heilbronn, but we never did it. Oh yeah, I guess I was just acting stupid on this one.

Do you know these photos from graffiti artists when they are "representing" infront of camera and hidding their faces but ofcourse everyone knows who they are even they are "undercover"? This one I dedicated to you, gangstaz! Photo: Lele

Aorta took this one. Sergej, me and Lele infront of an oldschool caffe.

All these photos were taken in Heilbronn by my friends with my camera.

April 5, 2011

People are nasty.

I got some old frames at the local photo studio and look what I got gratis! Nasty fake shit photos of kids doing fake stuff... Couple of times I already had this conversation with my friends, how fucking stupid some parents are and that they actualy think this what you see below is cool. You know, those parents talking all the time "look at my kid, she or he just kicked a ball, iiiiii" and shit like that.. I mean, I know you love your kids and so on, but please don`t act like you gone crazy! Take it easy, you know. Ok, yeah.. so I`ve been thinking about these photos and I tried to be resonable and I chilled a little bit in the meanwhile I was checking them and guess what, I still think the photos are fucking retardet and nasty. I mean, what`s that pose she is doing it? What`s the point of all this stuff I wrotte? People are nasty. And yes, my parents were nasty too, the third photo is me, 7 years old and looking fresh.