July 28, 2011

"YOU WILL NEVER HURT ME AGAIN", zine by Tadej Vaukman

Personal zine about relationship/love by Tadej Vaukman, "rough cut" format, 10 b&w photocopied pages + handwritten, never posted love letter and CD with a song, which helps you to get back from Hell.

15 copies made
price: 3euros

July 26, 2011

Angels are still full of shit

"Am I going back to Satan`s arms? Am I gonna fuck all the angels again?...you made me to feel like this. How do you like me now? Do you feel better? Do you wanna see me now? Do you wanna kiss me now? ..or you just don`t think about it.."

photo: tadej vaukman

DESO`s artshow at MiniKino, 30.7. at 19h!!

Adults only!!

Cry if you want to..it`s your party!

Thanks to all the people who still invite us to your parties.

photo: tadej vaukman

R.O.W. the band at 9 DARTER (Konstanz, Germoney)

At the end of August, R.O.W. gang is hitting the road. This time we sail to Spain..but we have few stops! First one is gonna be in Konstanz, where Civil Victim guys are doing a show for us! Tadej Vaukman will also put some photos on the wall, at the "Hallway to toilet" space.. come around and join the chaos! -your lovely R.O.W. gang

supported by fuckin` Civil Victim

"Good kids" in Berlin

6 o`clock in the morning, Bright`s after party, kicked out by the bouncers couse I was pissing at the wrong place, totaly ignored by my girl...but still, hipster girls from England got it! My bro Sergey told me, it took me so long to take this one and that I was moving so slow. I don`t even wonder.

photo: tadej vaukman

July 25, 2011

"I have a good feeling about you, Tadej, you are my friend now and we`ll fuck some girls together."

After Sergej Vutuc`s "Something in between" expo opening at Michael Janssen`s gallery in Berlin, currators took us to that bar, I forgot the name of it. As usual, I was shooting people shoes, laughing at stupid high-hills and telling people "eeei, common show me some action!!". There was a moment when someone put a hand on my shoulder and then the voice came out: "hey you, why are you shooting shoes?" And I gotta say, that voice fucked up a good photo I was after it.. So, the conversation began. The voice was an Italian guy, I also forgot his name, but I`ll never forgot his words: "I come to Berlin to take drugs and have sex.. oh, yes.. and I`m a proffesor. I teach philosophy in Italy.." As soon as I heard this, I was into this man! Our conversation was pretty direct, so I started to make questions about drugs&sex, so I told him I`m after that kind of shit and I want to take photos of it. First he was a little bit shy, quiet, but than.. All the time he was telling to me, "I have a good feeling about you, Tadej, you are my friend now and we`ll fuck some girls together." Fuck man, I couldn`t belive. I think he was so fucked up already, although he said, "I didn`t take any drugs yet.. when I`ll take the drugs, the Devil will come out..".. And yes, fuck I was waiting for that Devil but nothing happend. At the end he was so fucked, that he was almost loosing his mind trying to find himselfe a good fuck. But he was so close, I tell you! Most of the girls there came from the same planet as he was. Not Italy. Drugs planet! Phatetic shit. Phatetic people. That`s why I want to shoot this. It`s not cool, it`s so sad it makes me happy! Get it? ...here are some photos of mr. Italiano and his victims.
photos: tadej vaukman

Meet "Questions"

Craig "Questions" Scott rippin` the Michael Janssen`s parking lot in Berlin.


photos: tadej vaukman

What now?

"...cold feeling, what the fuck, are we going down, this shit sucks, what`s happening, where now, should I do this and that, do you still care, what about all those things, can I still love you, did you do it, i have to draw high hills, am I going back now, I don`t know you, I snapped, you did it, close your eyes, think and think more, no energy, who is who? ..no, thanks!"

photo: tadej vaukman

July 19, 2011

R.O.W. gang news

R.O.W. gang is getting ready for Spain (Basque country) tour. No more pain.
+ two new R.O.W. graphics are here, but not in your favourite skateshop:
graphic artist: LeLe

"Deso`s model", handpainted graphic, 8,6" ... price (each board): 32 euros


July 15, 2011

July 14, 2011

Do you miss me at all?

Germoney tour is over. Random photos, mixed emotions. We trashed, we cried, we danced and we hoped. And we`re still hoping. Lots of love to guys and girls, you know who you are. Until we fucking meet again. -Your captain Vaukman

photos: vutuc/vaukman