August 25, 2011

R.O.W. website update

..before we leave, here`s some news about R.O.W. gang. Until we fucking meet again!


photo: tadej vaukman

August 24, 2011

August 23, 2011

R.O.W. "we sleep where we skate" tour

CLICK for more info..

August 17, 2011

"Angels are full of shit" postcards by Tadej Vaukman

Send it to your lady, fucker, lover or a friend. Write to if you want some.


Thanks to Sergej Vutuc, PlemPlem and Carhartt.

Where? What? Haa?

I`m just getting thru some photos I can`t even remember I took them.

photo: tadej vaukman

August 16, 2011

"I guess the only good thing here is Mico.."

Mico probably buying cookies and chocolate milk, girl behing the counter went to school with me when we were kids, behind those houses back there my ex-girlfriend`s parents live, who probably think I made a deal with Satan when I was born and in the very right corner of the photo there`s a small sign, saying "Dravograd". I guess the only good thing here is Mico and those goddamn cookies. This photo is a perfect indicator, that we should fuck off from here were we live now and just move on.

photo: tadej vaukman

August 15, 2011

" more crack for me, now I`m all about my imaginary girlfriend..."

R.O.W. gang visited our brothers Boldriders. Again, they were building, while you cry and wait for someone to build it for you. Crazy weekend, though...from imaginary girlfriends to curly haired dude from Germoney screaming "pejd dam!!"

August 10, 2011

At the end, this is all we got...

..and this is everything. Get it?
photo: tadej vaukman

August 8, 2011

It`s ok!

Your words make sense now. I love you, bro! Until we fucking meet again!
photo: tadej vaukman

August 7, 2011

"We eat shit and we love it..."

While we are rats and junkies in your eyes, we eat shit and we fucking love it. We love it when you think we are nothing, we love it when you tell your co-workers or family members how bad we are, we are all this bad energy and shit like that.. and we even love it more when you are playing detective just to find out more stuff about us. But you know what? At the end YOU ARE all this bad energy... wasting your time with telling people how we should fucking live, brings nothing. So, maybe you should just relax, fuck your husband realy good and love your kids insted you give them impression they are retardet.


August 4, 2011

"I am Mohamed, kokain is the real thing...!"

...or something like that. These were the first days of my Germoney tour and I`ve started to think, fuck man, I hope I`ll keep meeting people like him. Man, Mohamed was a special kid. Not so special, though. We`ve met him in Hamburg in this "Pudl club", he was a typical street kid who lost him self somewhere. Who the fuck knows where? Full into prostitutes, kokain, a kid who changes moods every 3 minutes and a kid who hits on someone`s wife. I had a sketchy conversation with him. I wasn`t sure if he wanted to kick my ass or go with me chasing hookers.
photo: tadej vaukman

You can`t do that

August 3, 2011

DESO`s artshow at MiniKino (report)

For those who missed a great opening. Lots of love, brotherhood and shit..
...Deso`s show is still on, so come around! Bring beer.