June 29, 2012

"Count me in, Tada!" ...teaser for upcoming Tadej Vaukman`s zine

Being rejected by angels and killed for thousand times by super power of horses put my mind into another dimension. Dimension of reckless or should i say wreckless worlds where angels are those who cry at the end. Satan called me this morning and said to me that it`s ok to eat pizza everday. I feel better now, thanks man!

photo: tadej vaukman

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June 24, 2012

R.O.W. the band cruising streets of Bruxelles (Belgium)

photo&video: sergej vutuc

June 14, 2012

R.O.W. in Brussels

Broken bones and hearts and more drugs tour was nice. Killing pain with everything i can, i`m upside down, i`m getting down by it, gotta take this shit to another level, dark woods are calling!

June 13, 2012

Ceca`s Barbić shoes

Ceca`s Barbić shoes at my office, more to come.. Stay tuned for the main dagger in town!