March 16, 2013

It`s all coming together now

The question is, how much do i have to get? When will it stop? And why i need it? I could trade all this for food, but i have to eat at the end. Otherwise i`d die. I wanna make my brain fat, there is no other way. Otherwise, i`ll die.

photo: tadej vaukman

March 14, 2013

KitschNitsch X PiciBici X KisDfjučr show

As told, i`ve been invited to snap some photos at the fashion show in one of  Ljubljana`s underground clubs, this came out. I gotta say i had some cool time, but then i jumped into the twilight zone and i rolled my own film in my head. Random stories, random people, random emotions, random Brandon from 92010 and random drugs?

photo: tadej vaukman

March 9, 2013

Pizza life continues

Yesterday was the first day of my "pizza-shoot", i started to take photos of people, portraits always involve pizza. What it will come out at the end, i don`t know. But as long the drive will be here, i will dance along forever. 

March 5, 2013

Ferit Batir rides now for R.O.W. Skateboards

R.O.W. Skateboards officialy welcomes Ferit Batir, CLICK for the welcome video. The journey goes on.

photo: tadej vaukman