May 28, 2013

"Snap the snap" weekend

"Snapping the snap outta Devil" weekend woke me up, well, maybe i still need some kicks in my head, but just getting there helps. Big up to the Boldriders, R.O.W. brothers and Sonja, you`re the famillia everyone would appreciate. Thanks PiciBici for backing the back of my back at KinoŠiška. Anyway, saga continues and don`t forget to snap the snap! It doesn`t work other way around.

May 22, 2013

"PICIKLARNA" show at Kino Šiška (24.5.)

I have a show on Friday (24.5. at 20h) at PiciBici`s showroom in Kino Šiška, come around, drink some beer and get caught drunk on your bike by a sexy police man!

May 16, 2013

My granny eating pizza at BiKoFe

BiKoFe crew, who did a show for me at their bar/gallery in November 2012, just pimped up their tables by using different graphics, photos, drawings from various artists - one of the tables end up with a photo i snapped ("pizza/sex`n`shit"series). Cheers!

May 14, 2013

Pumpa Benefit show (25.5.2013)

"Pumpa Benefit party/hangouttime/exhibition" is almost here, Boldriders are organising it to keep d.i.y. spirit alive. Everyone`s welcome to donate their art or you can call it however you want, yes, there will be art for sale, every penny goes for materials which are needed, so the skate objects can grow on! Come around, buy yourselfe a photo, drawing, painting and so on and support d.i.y. skateboarding! Paradise is growing!

Where: Boldrider Bowl (Postojna, Slovenia)
When: 25.5. 2013 (come early, let`s grill some)

P.S.: photo you see up there is a sneekpeek of  photos i will sell, available also on pre-sale! 

- framed photos (30x40): 50euros each
- not framed photos (20x30): 25euros each
- note: will be cheaper on a day of the benefit show