September 30, 2013

"Bummer!!" fanzine (limited version)

"Bummer!!" limited version fanzine is here; 25 colour and b&w printed photos, VHS hardcase cover, 13 zines made, price 15euros. Normal version out pretty soon. 


September 24, 2013

"Bummer" zine news

"Bummer" zine will be available in two versions;

HARD LIMITED (only 13 made, VHS hardcase cover with 25 printed photos, format 10x15, in color and b&w) and OFFSET-BODY SHAPE (random photocopied formats/photocopied photos, in colour and b&w, 25 copies will be made) ... HARD LIMITED available from 5th October on (also preorder!), other version will see it`s daylight somewhere on the road when i`ll be on R.O.W. gang Fall/Winter 2013 tour.

HARD LIMITED version: 15 euros (worldwide shipping costs included)

This photo didn`t find it`s place in the zine, good fun shooting it anyway!

MK brotherhood

It took me quite a while to shoot and get all the photos together for the "Bummer" zine, big delay though, but fuck it, now they are finaly here. The concept changed a bit for some reasons, i can`t escape the fact it all takes me back where all began. Back to MK brotherhood. It`s in our blood, it`s the reason that keeps us moving on and it`s our world. The world we`re living in and the world we`ve build it for ourselves. I`d probably be already gone if i wouldn`t have this. Gone for good, dead. 

September 1, 2013

"Pizza Wall"

So i made this "Pizza Wall" to use it as my portable studio for making portrets at your home, my room, your girlfriend`s toilet. It`s your call. Step behind the pizza wall, throw your dick through a peek-a-boo hole, get hard and a photo is made. Put your ass-cheeks in the tight ass-hole and i`ll make it look like a donut. Custom dick/vagina holes in the pizza wall is all we need. Hello! ... Margerita?