December 30, 2014

"Larry" intro for MODNA magazine

Some of the photos from my upcoming show "Larry" are featured in December`s issue of new MODNA. 8 full pages, color and b&w. Get your issue of MODNA now and stay tuned for more info about "Larry" show which will take place in Hiša Kulture v Pivki on 9th of January. 

November 5, 2014

585 ZINES label launch / Ruth McMillan`s "Incense In The Head" fanzine release

"We`re a small low budget photography focused fanzine label celebrating love, porn and pizza."

It`s on! Ruth`s zine is finished. Get the vibe of the "Incense In The Head" zine at the 585 ZINES label release party on 15th of November at Pumpa (Boldrider Bowl). Supported by HOAX!

Photocopied, cut`n`paste style, 26 color pages; 6€ 

October 20, 2014

Shooting Harry!

I`ve been chilling with Harry Merry before his show and had a chat about make up. Sail on!

October 7, 2014

Ruth McMillan for 585 ZINES

We`re stoked to finally announce a first photographer joining the "585 ZINES" family. It`s all moving in right direction and we are glad Ruth was down for it! Will keep you posted about more stuff pretty soon, till then scroll over to Ruth`s site to see what`s up and get the vibe. 

More info about this first 585 release soon, aswell some updates how the label is going to operate and shit. We`re pretty all over the place right now, but we fucking love it. 

September 22, 2014


Dear homies, finally time has come and one of my long time wishes is coming true - I`m starting my own independent photography based fanzine label, photocopy shit, you know how things go. I`m super siked, still lots of things to do before the launch though. Stay tuned for more info!

August 26, 2014

Basically we can`t do nothing...

I remember licking the toilet seat, couse I liked that girl when I was around 7. They were visiting our family with her parents, we drank lots of juice that night, so she was peeing a lot. I found some hair on that toilet seat. Later when I was older I figure it out it wasn`t hers, she was just too young for that. Probably was from her dad.

July 20, 2014

BMW`s and chips

Some years ago I`ve started to shoot BMW cars, I really don`t know why, but I guess that`s the only good thing I got from my father - love about cars. So... I guess it has something to do with me. I`ve been given a chance to shoot more. Showing BMW in a different way, putting it out of the fancy box of luxury cars and discover something new in this brand. Something stupid. Or something totally out of BMW`s context? We shall see... Stay tuned. 

Meanwhile, here`s a normal shot of a classic 535i, one of my first BMW shots I think. What a lovely exhaust note she had!

July 17, 2014

"Breakfast" Zine (full video review)

We`re back from "Breakfast" Berlin tour, kids! Already making plans for hitting Balkans with the zine, stay tuned for the dates.

July 1, 2014

Quality family moments

My father was always a bit edgy when we had family breakfast. I didn`t like that.