July 20, 2014

BMW`s and chips

Some years ago I`ve started to shoot BMW cars, I really don`t know why, but I guess that`s the only good thing I got from my father - love about cars. So... I guess it has something to do with me. I`ve been given a chance to shoot more. Showing BMW in a different way, putting it out of the fancy box of luxury cars and discover something new in this brand. Something stupid. Or something totally out of BMW`s context? We shall see... Stay tuned. 

Meanwhile, here`s a normal shot of a classic 535i, one of my first BMW shots I think. What a lovely exhaust note she had!

July 17, 2014

"Breakfast" Zine (full video review)

We`re back from "Breakfast" Berlin tour, kids! Already making plans for hitting Balkans with the zine, stay tuned for the dates.

July 1, 2014

Quality family moments

My father was always a bit edgy when we had family breakfast. I didn`t like that.